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Incorporate with YES, get “more” than some papers and a book. Much more.

Setting up a company can be a puzzleIf you’ve been perusing the YES Web site, then you have probably figured out that YES is not your typical business structuring company: we don’t sell “incorporations” in the absence of business advisory services, as we know that the paperwork is just the beginning. And that’s why we provide so many valuable, FREE ancillary services to you as a YES client. Incorporating through YES grants you membership to our exclusive members-only portal filled with just about everything you need—besides us, that is—to START, GROW and REINVENT your business, including access to members-only video training, audio recordings, articles, forms and state notes—not to mention access to our strong network of every professional you and your business needs to thrive.

Ready to join us? You can do so in one of three ways:

  1. Complete our questionnaire and speak to a YES entity expert about your situation
  2. Call us at 702-506-0190 and tell us you’d like to talk.
  3. E-mail us at with details about your business.

We look forward to helping you grow!

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