Your Entity Solution, LLC (“Y.E.S.”) was formed in 2005 to provide entity formation and education services to clients who are starting new businesses, investing in real estate, and trading in stocks and options. Over the past fifteen years, we have formed over 30,000 entities throughout the US, performed registered agent services for hundreds of companies, and filed countless amendments and dissolutions.

Y.E.S. was founded on the principle that clients should know what their options are. Consequently, we speak with each client to find out what they are doing, and to discuss structures that might serve their needs so they can make reasonable decisions. One size does not fit all, and we want our clients to be happy with their entities.

Y.E.S. understands that while most people are knowledgeable about their chosen field, few understand how to run a limited partnership, LLC or corporation. As a result, we provide a membership in our education program as part of our service offering. Our education membership includes online modules, emailed tips and a live Q&A teleconference 2-3 days a month as well as a monthly accounting call . Previously recorded calls are posted on the membership site for those members who cannot attend the live calls.

In addition to providing entity formation and education, Y.E.S. has a network of professionals who provide support services such as minutes creation, title and deed transfers, contracts, and trusts.

The Company officers are:
Wendy Byford – President and LLC Manager
Gary Bauer – VP and Secretary

Wendy is a paralegal with 30 years’ experience in corporate global support. Gary is a retired realtor, with 30+ years in corporate sales. The company officers have experience in real estate investing and business creation and management; and Gary is our CTO.

We fix $400 incorporations. If you are confused about the differences between an S Corp and a C Corp and how that might be important to you; if you aren’t sure that you can upgrade the tax treatment of an LLC so that it’s the same as an S Corp; if you aren’t sure that you have maintained your company paperwork correctly and think you might be at risk of an IRS audit or a client lawsuit; if you have questions about ANYTHING related to LLCs, Corporations, Partnerships and running your business you have come to the right place.

Check out our testimonials from people we have helped set up to protect their assets from liabilities and maximize their tax benefits.

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