Step 1: START

Goodbye W-2.

Hello flexibility and freedom.

Congratulations. You’ve just set foot on the path of starting your business.

Now what?

In our experience, if you’re just starting your business, you’re either hungry for information to help guide you through many critical decisions, or you’re exasperated and over-informed—and hungry for someone to help you make sense of it all and figure out what is the best path for you.  You’ll find both information AND guidance here at YES.

Need information to help you make the right start-up decisions?

If you’re hungry for information, you’re probably very early in the research process: you’re trying to discover what starting a business really means, what things you need to do, and why the paper and prep work is so important. You have no idea whether you should incorporate, and if yes, what to set up. but you’re on a mission to find out and to do what it takes to get the ball rolling.

Need someone to help you make sense of information overload?

Alternately, you’re thick into your research already, having spent more hours than you care to admit reading the same information over and over about the different forms of incorporation, about resident agents, about the difference between a Nevada corporation and a corporation in your own state, about the LLC, different tax elections and so on—and yet you’re still pretty much clueless as to what is truly the best path for you. At this point it might even seem like a crap shoot—toss the dice and follow wherever lady luck lands: doubles, you go with the corporation; a lucky seven, take the LLC taxed as a partnership.  If this resonates with you, you’re probably here because you’re hoping that something on this Web site will help you rise above the fog of information and help you see clearly and feel confident about what it is you need to do.

And you’re in luck. Because helping new business owners like you cut through the clutter is exactly what we like to do.

Starting a new business? You might need:

Incorporation, entity formation. Corp, LLC, LP … find out which is right for you.

Minutes service. Document your decisions and keep your entity legal!

Resident agent service. Never miss an important legal document.

Foreign registration. You need this if you’re operating outside your home state.

Nevada business registration. Is Nevada the right home for your new business?

Fictitious business name. Do business under any name you choose.

Your First Entity Solution. A jam-packed program to guide you to the right entity.

All Services.

Your First Steps to Starting a Business

Whether you’re just starting out on your journey or exasperated by the lack of real guidance out there, your first step is to RELAX.  Take a deep breath.  We’re here to wrap our arms around you if needed, and to help and support you no matter where on the journey you are. Here’s what we recommend as your next steps.

1. Get smart. If you don’t know much about entities, it’ll be worth your while to learn more, either by reading our articles on various incorporation-related topics, or by purchasing Your First Entity Solution educational CDs + workbook package. Although you’re going into business to make money, not to form an entity, you still need to be informed; it’s not enough to lean into us and ask us to make your structuring decisions for you. That would be like asking your investment banker to make all your investment decisions. So yes, while we do advise and guide you, and while we do perform the nasty work of setting up your entities, telling you what to sign and where to sign and how to issue your certificates, you still need the basics.

2. Get advice. Armed with knowledge, your next step is to talk to us. Complete our Get Started questionnaire to help us learn more about you. And then discuss with us, in a free consultation, your situation. The consultation is free. You’ll get loads of valuable information and guidance, alone worth at least three times what you’d pay to incorporate anywhere else. And just so you know: we’re not really interested in selling you a corporation and then saying goodbye. As you’ll learn during your stay at our site, when you choose YES Business Solutions to create and guide your business structuring, you’re really choosing a long-term relationship with a team of professional business advisers who will help you through the START, REINVENT stages of your business, not to mention the many, many valuable members’ only extras our educational programs offer when you do business with us. We don’t want to “sell you” something you neither need nor want. That’s not good for you—or for us.

3.  Get incorporated. Finally—after you’re armed with information and advice from seasoned entity professionals—you’re ready to get down to the actual process of setting up your entity. Even if you’re at this stage now—ready to spend money, — we still urge you to complete the questionnaire and speak with us before you buy. We know from experience that it’s cheaper for you to spend 30 minutes now making sure you’re doing it right rather than spending many hours and hundreds of dollars later trying to REPAIR any unintentional mis-steps. If you’d rather not take that step and would instead prefer just to buy now – that’s ok, too.

Still not sure what to do?

If you’re still not sure what to do but know that you need to do something, we recommend you either 1) fill out the questionnaire so we can learn more about you, 2) give us a call now at 702.506.0190 to discuss your new business idea, or 3) e-mail us at to tell us what’s on your mind.  We’ll get back to you very shortly and help you feel confident and comfortable with your next steps.

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