Has your business outgrown you? Or have you outgrown your business?

If you’re not growing, you’re dying.
We believe that if your business isn’t growing, it’s dying. And if your business is growing faster than you planned, it’s on its way to dying. So when growth slows, or when you’ve reached the success you’ve always wanted and the business becomes crazy to you can manage, it’s time to reinvent yourself and your business.

Perhaps it’s time to discover a new way of doing business, a new way of using technology, new management techniques, new infrastructure or an entirely new business model that shifts how your business creates value for you and your customers. Perhaps it’s time to shift focus, to grow in different directions, to acquire a competitor or to add new arms or divisions to create new revenue streams.

Do you and your business butt heads?
Sometimes though, although your business is thriving and growing, your life circumstances evolve such that your business is no longer meeting your needs. You might be considering a sale or dissolution. Perhaps you’re thinking of an entirely new venture altogether.

Never shoot a good entity in the head.
In either case, it’s time to reinvent your business, whether through sale, dissolution, acquisition, a new structure or a re-purposing of the old. Our theory is that you never shoot a good entity in the head. So, if it’s possible, we’ll look for ways to help you reshape your current company to meet your new goals.

Ready to Reinvent? Call or e-mail us and tell us where you want to go. We’ll help and support you in making decisions, moving on and growing forward.

Reinventing your business? You might need:

Entity Rescue. Is your first entity is doing you more harm than good? Get rescued.

Dissolution. Say goodbye to a business that’s dead or that no longer suits you.

Annual Report Filing. Save yourself the headache; let our pros handle your report.

Entity Structure Review. Is the entity you started with still the best entity for you today?

Name Change. Reinventing your business often means a new business name.

Entity Reinstatement. Did you let your entity lapse? Get reinstated today.

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