Step Back: REPAIR

From triage to code blue to crash cart.

And back to health again.

Get the help you need for your misaligned business.

It happens. Sometimes, for one reason or another, something happens to damage your business.

Perhaps you didn’t start your entity correctly. Maybe you didn’t choose the right business structure and now you’re paying through the checkbook in taxes or your assets are totally exposed. Perhaps you didn’t keep up with your minutes or file for the proper licenses.

What will it take to make it well again?

Since we never like to shoot a good entity in the head, our goal in REPAIR is to discover what it will take to bring your business back into health or compliance. Perhaps we need to file with the state. Perhaps we need to bring your meetings and minutes up to date. Maybe we need to create bylaws or operating agreements for your business. Or perhaps you never filed important IRS documents. Even worse, perhaps your business is about to be officially terminated.

Together we’ll discover what needs to happen to make your ailing entity well again or—choose your metaphor—to dry dock it so we can scrape the barnacles.

Need Repair? Complete our Questionnaire.

If your business is in need of REPAIR, then it is 99.99 percent likely that YES Business Solutions did not help you create and grow your entity in the first place. If we had, you probably wouldn’t need repair right now. Because of this—and to bring you aboard as a YES client, with all the associated perks and members-only benefits—we ask that you complete our questionnaire to tell us more about you, your business and your objectives. From there, we’ll discuss your goals and possible repair options during a free 30-minute consultation. If the stakes are high and you need to take action immediately, please note that on your questionnaire, or when you e-mail or call.

Repairing your business? You might need:

Entity Rescue. Is your entity is doing you more harm than good? Get rescued.

Dissolution. Say goodbye to a business that’s dead or that no longer suits you.

Annual Report Filing. Save yourself the headache; let our pros handle your report.

Name Change. Reinventing your business often means a new business name.

Entity Reinstatement. Did you let your entity lapse? Get reinstated today.

Entity Structure Review. Is the entity you started with still the best entity for you?

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