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Meet the YES Team

Wendy ByfordWendy Byford

President of Your Entity Solution, LLC

Like many of her clients—and maybe even you—Wendy Byford is a recovering corporate executive. After three decades helping large, international customers solve complex business challenges, she took early retirement to create her own firms.

Waving goodbye to team members all over the world, Wendy began coaching small business clients. She also became an active investor in real estate, oil and gas, promissory notes and businesses. To get a life-long legal bug out of her system, Wendy also earned a post-graduate paralegal certificate and legal documentation preparer certification. Teaming up with her husband Gary Bauer, CPA Warren Taryle and entrepreneur/author Loral Langemeier, she turned a side practice in incorporations into YES Business Solutions, where she combines her love of coaching with the opportunity to help thousands of burgeoning entrepreneurs.

Gary BauerGary Bauer

Vice-President of Your Entity Solution, LLC

How does an award-winning, high-tech sales representative and Realtor® become the VP of an incorporation company? Simple: by working with a highly creative team of financial advisors who helped him shortcut his way through the world of financial analysis.

Gary’s strength is that he knows how to listen and assess what you need, thus helping you find just the right solutions to help you accomplish your goals. These same well-honed skills, which helped Gary retire as the top sales rep in his company, are now available to help you grow your business, reduce your taxes, protect your assets and accumulate wealth. Together with CPA-partner Warren Taryle, Gary suggests plans that use the tax laws to your advantage while keeping your protection in mind.

Warren Taryle, CPA, MST

Taryle & Associates, CPAs

Warren Taryle is a Certified Public Accountant, founder of Taryle and Associates, CPAs, specialized in working with real estate investors, entrepreneurs, and wealth builders. Warren received a Masters Degree in Taxation from Fontbonne College.  He has focused his practice on helping people grow their investments and businesses by reducing their largest expense, taxes. Warren has worked with many notable real estate and wealth building icons such as, Robert Kiyosaki, Dolf DeRoos, Diane Kennedy and Loral Langemeier.

Taryle and Associates CPAs is committed to providing its clients with expert tax planning that goes beyond the norm established by most CPA firms. Once told by a former employer “we are paid to prepare tax returns not to think”, Warren has been  determined that he and his firm provide clients with the best thought out tax strategies possible. Only through sound planning and execution can clients pay the least amount of taxes legally, morally and ethically possible.

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