Structuring Consultation

The information in our Confidential Legal Brief, “Armored or Naked, You Decide” has helped literally thousands of small businesses and individuals understand the increased danger of holding assets the wrong way, and the specific steps necessary to create strong armor against a world of sharks, vultures and deadbeats.You now have the evidence you need to identify the FIVE Reasons in your own life that makes it so crucial to act now to protect yourself & your business, including:

1. Why everything you own really is “naked” to the world, making you more at risk for a lawsuit than ever before.

2. Why you risk losing your assets, your security and more — it’s all fair game in a lawsuit.

3. Why you are throwing away thousands more in taxes than you legally have to, and how the right combination of entities can provide many of your everyday needs tax-free.

“Their guidance was right on target; the structure of our entity is going give us tax benefits I hadn’t even considered.” –Steve Tovani, Business Coach, Entrepreneur and Real estate investor”

4. Why YOU have the power to establish the “rules” of who gets what ahead of time — so you don’t lose it all in a bankruptcy, divorce, death of a partner or spouse or the dissolution of a partnership.

5. Why not having the right entities silently and negatively affects your business in ways you may never have thought of before, including access to funding, credibility with prospects, your reputation, your peace of mind and in so many other ways.

Simply Knowing And Understanding These Dangers Will NOT Protect You!

Only Applied Knowledge Gives You Power.

Your logical Next Step is to get a detailed analysis of your particular circumstances and needs. This requires a Personalized Entity Structuring Report, telling you exactly what your entity structuring options are, which are the most advantageous, when you should begin the process, and how to maintain fully protected legal status.

A Thorough, In-Depth Personalized Analysis

It requires specific information from you using the comprehensive questionnaire below. This information is kept completely confidential and used ONLY for the purposes of providing you with the most detailed, Personalized Entity Structuring Report possible.

We have found attorneys and other professionals often charge $500, $1000 or more to provide this level of personalized analysis. For many, the cost of taking this necessary step alone has kept them from moving forward and getting the protection they know they need!

However, because Your Entity Solution, LLC is focused 100% on providing comprehensive Entity Services to our clients, we have highly-trained and experienced staff who review literally hundreds of asset protection files each year… many more than most individual practitioners handle in their entire career! In fact, attorneys and CPAs nationwide use Your Entity Solution, LLC as their “back office” for their clients’ asset protection needs, such as Mark Meyerdirk, Attorney at Law:

“As a practicing attorney specializing in entrepreneurial business formation and securities law… I have found Your Entity Solution to be the most efficient and effective way to provide entity formation and creation services for my clients.”

The entire cost of your Personalized Entity Structuring Report is a fraction of what many professionals consider “reasonable and customary”, only $250. This gives you a level of quality attention to your needs that is consistent, thorough and ongoing…yet affordable enough for ANY small business owner to take advantage of its value. And just so you know, your Personalized Entity Structuring Report is so comprehensive it can be used by ANY professional to help you establish your entities, anywhere in America, not just at Your Entity Solution, LLC.

Here is just some of the detailed information covered in this comprehensive report — bear in mind, each area includes specific actionable recommendations:

  • Your Complete Snapshot Analysis of your current income, assets, property holdings and tax status for you, your spouse, your business(es) and investments… establishing where you stand now, specific long-term asset protection goals and immediate needs.
  • Your Comprehensive Strategy Diagram that shows how each component affects and is affected by each other component in your financial life… and how individual entities will strategically strengthen and protect you and reduce your taxes.
  • Your Self-directed IRAs, 401k, SEPs and other retirement accounts
    — are you maximizing the tax-free and tax-deferred investment opportunities available to you in your particular circumstances?
  • Your Key Financial Checkpoint Indicators — the points where your needs will shift and change as your income, investments and assets grow.
  • Detailed explanation of Taxation Election options between various entities including Sub-Chapter S and C corporations and Limited Partnerships… their differences, strengths and weaknesses.
  • How you can Avoid and Compartmentalize Your Personal Liability including Contract Liability, Tort Liability, Premises Liability Based on Ownership, Control or Possession, Statutory Liability and more.
  • References, resources and pricing options to fit your specific needs and budget

These are just a few of the areas where our team analyzes and reviews your circumstances and gives you a thorough, comprehensive report with specific Action Steps and timelines.

“The folks at Your Entity Solution really know their stuff. They marry your business strategy and tax strategy with the appropriate entity to meet your specific needs. They stay current on state and federal case law on entities so that knowledge also gets incorporated into your planning. The quality of service is truly world-class.”
–Deniz Tunca, Real Estate Investor

It all starts with the questionnaire below. It includes highly-confidential information and the details you provide will be handled in a totally private and confidential matter. When you complete your questionnaire and submit it along with your payment, your analysis will begin immediately.

We will set up a convenient time for a Business Structuring Strategy Session by phone, to go over your information and clarify any points, to understand what you want to achieve with your entities so we can give you the most specific actionable report possible. In most cases, you will have your complete Personalized Entity Structuring Report in as little as 3-4 days after this. Once you have your report, you will know exactly which steps you need to take to get the most asset and tax protection legally possible, and bulletproof your family’s financial future behind secure entities.

To get started with your entity structuring, complete the confidential questionnaire below. The information you provide will ensure we make the best use of our time together on the call. If you feel uncomfortable providing this information on-line, please call us at +1 (702) 506 0190 and we will start helping you A.S.A.P!

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