Have you already filed the paperwork?

Scratching your head? Asking what’s next?

Get the support you need to GROW

If you’ve explored other portions of our site, you may have gathered that YES Business Solutions is not your typical entity formation grocery store where you load your cart with products and services and are left to go home scratching your head wondering what to do next.

That’s the beauty of working with YES. You see, when you start your entity with us, you become a client for life—a client entitled to many additional free member benefits and exclusive products and services designed to help your business GROW.

When you started your business, you birthed a living, breathing thing—you didn’t just file some paperwork. And that living, breathing entity needs, like all living things, nurture and care as it grows. That’s why at YES, the paperwork is just the beginning. It is a means to an end—not the end itself.

As you grow, we provide you with valuable, ongoing free information about your business infrastructure in various stages, through invite-only Webinars, downloadable mp3 files and workbooks, action alerts about issues you need to understand … and much more. We’ll talk to you via our materials and one-on-one about all the secondary issues that might be stumbling blocks to you as your business expands.

  • How to choose the right business bank
  • Bookkeeping—someone’s gotta do it
  • Which expenses can you write off?
  • What is a write-off, anyway?
  • How to get a merchant services account
  • How to obtain business credit

We’ll also answer your individual questions and research various areas for you. For instance, if you’re adding something new and not sure if you need a new license or to file a foreign registration, just ask. In most cases we won’t charge you for the answer, although sometimes you do need to purchase additional products or services.

Get surrounded by our powerful, trusted support network—for free.
And even more important than all the free business resources, ongoing support and members-only benefits, we surround you—as a YES client—with a powerful network of professionals who can help you grow.

Growing your business? You might need:

Entity Rescue. Is your first entity is doing you more harm than good? Get rescued.
Minutes service. Document your decisions and keep your entity legal!
Tax status change. Keep more of your profits when you stop overpaying the IRS.
Document research and support. If you need it, we’ll find it.
Articles amendment. Changes in your business might require changes here.
Annual Report Filing. Save yourself the headache; let our pros handle your report.
Entity Coaching. Is the entity you started with still the best entity for you today?

Take the Next Step.

Many of our business growth products, services and extras, as well as our REINVENT products, services and extras, are for YES incorporation clients only. If you incorporated elsewhere but want to explore the possibility of tapping the expertise, benefits and network available to YES clients, . Please contact us to discuss the particulars of your situation to see how we might work together.

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