Your First Entity Solution

Is your business giving you all the protection and tax benefits you deserve?

Imagine you could lower your taxes, protect your assets, and grow your wealth faster—all without having to work any longer or harder! Well you can, when you put each business and investment in the right entity, like a partnership, company, or corporation.

Have you put off getting your corporate house in order because learning about entities seems so difficult and time consuming? That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to find just the facts you need, so you can get the right entity quickly and start reaping the benefits immediately. In this program, you’ll discover:

  • The seven most important things an entity can do to help and protect you
  • Tools that help you uncover which protections and benefits are most important to you
  • A map that shows which entities provide the features you want
  • The pros and cons of each entity type, so you can choose the right one for your situation
  • What to consider when filing for your entity
  • The seven things you must do after filing to keep your entity strong and healthy
  • And once you’ve picked your first entity solution, you’ll discover how to use multiple entities to really accelerate your progress!
4 CDs + Word Book = $395


“You know, for the past 38 years I have traveled all over the world helping people earn more money. Now I would imagine that you’re much like me. When you earn money, you want to keep it all, or as much of it as possible. At Your Entity Solution, they help you do that by putting together the right combination of companies, corporations, and limited partnerships. Find out what they can do for you because I’m going to tell you, they made an enormous difference for me.”

–Bob Proctor

Master Success Coach and Teacher of the Law of Attraction

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