Free Your Future

Closing businesses.  Downsizing. Are you next or worried that you might be? Want to control your own business life for a change?
Or perhaps it’s just time that you pursued your dream and launched that business that you’ve been thinking about for too long. Or maybe just add a little more income to your bank account. We could all use some of that.
The business structuring experts from YES Business Solutions will show you exactly what you need to do to get a new business structured and ready for Big Time.
Most people know *what* they want their business to be, but have no idea on *how* to start. In just 60 minutes in this exceptional YES webinar…every minute free…you’ll learn:
The critical, must-follow steps for maximum tax advantages…The single biggest enemy of any business owner…

How to use your 401K legally to finance your business

The 3 biggest character traits the best entrepreneurs share,

Why you’ll never take another “vacation” again…and love it…yet travel where you want and deduct almost every penny from your taxes…legally, of course.

And much, much more.
You can get all the details right now by watching the “Free Your Future” webinar replay.

We have worked with thousands of clients, providing them with business structuring services like creating their entities, doing their corporate minutes, and providing much needed education for the entrepreneur.  We’ve seen it all.   Here’s what really gets us—the vast majority of small businesses are either not incorporated or are structured incorrectly. Why hand money to Uncle Sam or make your business work harder than it should?
Keep more dimes, quarters and that folding stuff…and take control of your life instead of letting that boss of yours decide what you’re doing today…by adding a business to your life.
To your success,

Wendy Byford & Gary Bauer
Your Entity Solution, LLC