Minutes Service

Minutes Service

We document your decisions so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Documenting the decisions you make that are of legal, tax and financial significance is one of the key ways to show that you are running your business professionally. Documenting your decisions is not just a way of keeping track of what you did and when to help your memory. Without this documentation, it may be impossible to convince a judge that your company is not simply an extension of you, the owner. If the court decides that your business is actually an alter ego, it may grant permission to opposing counsel to punch through the walls of the company.  When this happens, you lose the protection your entity gave you, and all your assets are placed in jeopardy, both business and personal. But this is just the beginning.  The IRS may become very interested in the situation as well and decide to audit since you filed your taxes based on having a valid entity.

We help with the paperwork to keep your company strong. Most people hate paperwork, and in the rush to make presentations, sign up clients and fill orders, documentation is usually pushed onto the back burner, sometimes for years. Recreating your decisions is then a painful, time-consuming, and nearly impossible task.  Nonetheless, documentation is important and needs to be done.

We make it easy. Each month we email you to go online to determine what decisions you have made and what actions you have taken. A monthly request ensures that you will be able to complete the checklist without too much effort. Based on your input, we email you the necessary resolutions in the appropriate format to print, sign and place in your minute book.

That’s all there is to it – simple, fast, convenient peace of mind. When it is time for your annual meeting, we prepare the annual report for the President, Operating Manager or General Partner to deliver and attach to the minutes. There is no need to dig through files and try to remember what actually happened: it has all been captured in a timely fashion.

Do you have existing entities that are behind in documentation? Don’t worry.  We offer a one-time catch up at a reduced price when you sign up for the monthly minutes service for that company. It’s our gift for getting on track.

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