Of all of the people I have been dealing with since I got involved with Head of the table program, you are the most effective, dedicated and sincere in all aspects of dealing. You always follow up right away and solve the problem. You always return my E-Mails, phones and paper work in time. When I contact you, I know a response will be here no time. Thank you for the excellent service you provide all the time. Have a great day always.
Dr. Anil K Agarwal, DDS, MS
Associate Professor
Northwestern University Dental School

Wendy Byford and Gary Bauer are absolute professionals, they take excellent care of both my personal and corporate business. I highly recommend them to everyone in need of their services.
Bob Proctor
author You were born Rich
star of “The Secret”
seen on the Oprah Show, Larry King Live

Author, You Were Born Rich

As a practicing attorney specializing in entrepreneurial business formation and securities law, I have the occasion every day to create a new business entity for my clients. I have found Your Entity Solutions to be the most efficient and effective way to provide entity formation and creation services for my clients.

Wendy Byford, Gary Bauer and their staff are the most knowledgeable and efficient group of people I have ever worked with in this area. They do the fundamental set up work for me with the respective Secretaries of State and I create the agreements for the parties.

The Minutes service they provide after entity creation is one of the most efficient services I know of to make sure that the corporate records are kept up to date. Any attorney, accountant or other professional who works in this field should give Your Entity Solutions a try, once you use them you’ll never use anyone else or do it yourself again. They are top quality for a reasonable price.’
Mark Meyerdirk
Attorney at Law

Wendy, Gary and the team at Your Entity Solution are a dream come true.

Recently I was in need of an entity while packaging a real estate opportunity for several investors. Wendy and Gary gave me several options to consider and offered suggestions on how to structure this new partnership. Their guidance was right on target; the structure of our entity is going give us tax benefits I hadn’t even considered.

Wendy and Gary, you really know your stuff. I recommend Your Entity Solution every chance I get.

Steve Tovani
Business Coach, Entrepreneur and Real estate investor

Wendy, your willingness to share your personal insights have been invaluable in analyzing opportunities and forming strategies around them. You’ve helped me create three entities now and I couldn’t be happier. And through proper planning, I have been able to retain much more of my earnings. You have been absolutely critical in my personal journey of creating wealth and success. Thank you!

Joseph Mauro
Real estate Investor

I am very pleased with the service I got from Your Entity Solution. They were very professional every step of the way, and what I especially appreciated was the follow-up education I received from Wendy’s training call. She walked us through every page of the LLC.

This is the fourth LLC I have formed, but the first one through Your Entity Solutions. I finally feel like I know how to proceed with my LLC! I will definitely be a repeat customer!

Janet Fish
International Developer and Dog Enthusiast

Wendy and YES have been a great help in the preparation, execution, and follow-up of the registration process for my companies. The team is knowledgeable, friendly, and always available when questions arise. Any entrepreneur that wants to get her/his entity registered in a professional and sound way should work with Wendy’s team. You will be in good hands with YES – I am and will continue to be.
Axel Meierhoefer
AM Consulting LLC

Wendy Byford and her team at Your Entity Solution have been a pleasure to work with in my endeavors. They have helped me tremendously in the creation of my last three companies. The staff is intelligent, quick, efficient, a joy to communicate with and always very responsive to my needs. Wendy ensures that you are fully aware of all of the steps you need to perform so that you will have a valid legal entity in whatever state you decide to incorporate. She even tells you specifically how to hold your first corporate meeting.When I proposed a very complicated venture to them, Wendy’s team discussed the best way to formulate a solution for me. After several hours of deliberation, they determined that it would be best for me to seek other assistance of a legal manner. They even gave me a referral to an excellent lawyer. They could have chosen to “fit” my venture into a category that they could easily handle, but they knew it would not be in my best interest. It would have gone against their morals and their values.

Because of that fact, I choose to do business with Your Entity Solution. I know I will use “YES” in my next endeavor, and it would behoove you to do the same. I only wish I knew Wendy when I built my first businesses several years ago. She could have saved me a lot of money and time. Finally, people you can trust and will enjoy doing business with. Thanks Wendy and your excellent team for all you’ve done for my family and me.

Karen Tardif
St. Agatha Maine Mainely Mine, LLC
Mainely Mine Too, LLC
KAT Enterprises, LLC
Grandma ‘n Papa’s Place FLLP
Tardif Family Camp Rentals, LLC

The folks at Your Entity Solutions really know their stuff. They marry your business strategy and tax strategy with the appropriate entity to meet your specific needs. They stay current on state and federal case law on entities so that knowledge also gets incorporated into your planning. To boot, the quality of service is truly world-class.

Deniz Tunca
Real Estate Investor

I’ve really enjoyed working with Gary and Wendy of Your Entity Solutions over the last year. Not only are they very nice folks, but they really know their stuff. They are always quick to respond or make themselves available for advice, and always follow up on any request I have.I have 5 thriving entities, all my paperwork is filled out correctly and completely, and as a result, I sleep very well at night, knowing my assets are covered … thanks to Y.E.S.

Jim Kaspari
Entrepreneur and Business Coach

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